No matter your business' stage, JCMA can help you put your email marketing program to work for you and your customers.



Grow your email marketing program by personalizing your messaging to each of your subscribers: what they want to know, when they want to hear it.


Whether you're a startup or just starting to focus on email marketing for your business, you've probably got some questions. We can help you get started with:

The right email marketing platform. If you're running a growing business, your needs can change quickly. We'll analyze your current email marketing needs, look ahead to what you may need in the future, and help you find the right platform fit for your business and your budget.

The right automated emails. Whether you're running a service business or an e-commerce store, we'll help you build and set up the marketing automations that welcome new customers aboard, confirm an order or an appointment, and even reach back out when they haven't visited for a while.

The right content strategy. How often should you be emailing your customers? What do they want to hear about? We'll help you lay out a framework to make sure you stay in regular touch with your customers and keep them engaged with the content they're looking for.


For every $1 spent on email marketing, you can expect to bring in $38 in revenue.

Have questions? Want to hear more?


Do you have an email marketing program up and running, but want to make it even stronger?  Let us help with:

Deliverability. Are your emails making it your subscribers' inboxes, or are they being blocked or pushed to spam folders? We'll make sure your list hygiene and send practices are giving you the best chance possible to get into your customer's inbox.

Open and click-through rates. Maximize the number of eyeballs on your email content by testing to discover the right subject lines, send times, and content layout for your subscribers.

Personalization. Your customer's email inbox is a busy place. Make sure you get noticed by tailoring your emails and using marketing automation to give them the answers they're looking for.

List growth. Grow a healthy list by giving your customers and prospects the right opportunities to join your email list.

Platform changes. If you're outgrowing your email platform, let us help you find the right platform to take you to the next level.


On average, it costs 7 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing customer.

Tell us what you want to work on. We love a challenge.


Want to have a best-in-class retention marketing program, but just don't have the manpower or expertise in-house?  We're a full service shop, including:

Execution. Email copywriting, design, HTML coding and scheduling

Automation. We'll set up and maintain your triggered and transactional emails.

Deliverability. We'll monitor your inbox placement and deliverability, recommend and make adjustments to optimize, and handle list hygiene.


Optimization. Leveraging best practices and A/B testing, let us fine tune your program and maximize your conversion & revenue.

Sound like you? Let us help.


Want to enhance your retention marketing program with additional channels?

We can also help with:

Direct Mail

Loyalty Programs

Referral Programs

SMS Marketing Programs

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